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E-Commerce :

E-Commerce is a major progress in technology that has changed the way in which the customers now purchase information, products and the services. It's the new way of providing an opportunity to make your products and services available in the global market 24 hours a day through Internet. E-Commerce enables the firms and individual to run their business and transactions through their website

Building an e-commerce site involves 3 stages like :

  • Shopping cart: Lujosh Ventures Limited design and develop shopping cart as per the requirements and budget of our clients.
  • Payment Gateway: We develop and integrate connection to your website with available payment gateway such as paypal, voguepay etc. so that the transactions are done in a safe and secure way.
  • Security:We will provide your ecommerce website with the security needed through which the purchase and payment will be made through an encrypt platform.

To start developing a website, we need the logo which gives a lot of information about the organization or individual that needs the website. The logo will give us the color scheme for the website, the font type and style to use etc

With the logo at hand, we come up with a graphic layout of how the website will look like with different menu, sub-menu, features and links. As at this stage the client have the pleasure to contribute to the appearance of the website in terms of feel, textures, menu and sub-menus arrangements. And once the criticisms and contributions had been observed and the necessary inputs accommodated we then move to the next stage of designing the website with HTML language

The multimedia are represented by banners integrated into the website using flash and any other animated application.

We can take this website a step further by adding some additional programming features which could render the website to become a content management website (This enable the client to be able to update the websites without prior programming language knowledge).

Check: is one the e-commerce web store done by us.

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