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I.T Outsourcing :

For many organizations, the goal of an IT outsourcing strategy is to provide the best possible technology to the organization at the lowest possible cost. What constitutes the best possible technology and lowest cost, however, tends to be fluid due to rapidly evolving technologies and market volatility. Information technology outsourcing is a subset of business process outsourcing (BPO). Some organizations looking for business transformation rely on outsourcing providers to help them through the process.

Lujosh do accept outsource task from various organization which cut across information technology field such as .

  • Consultation in computers hardware purchase and installation,
  • Internet facilities integration (cable or wireless enabled),
  • Biometric and security devices installation and configuration,
  • Repairs and maintenance of already existing hardware etc.

We do this in various way which include.

  • Stationing one of our staff in your organization that will be attending to any urgent task in your information technology sector.
  • We can visit your organization when we are contact by your resource person.
  • We can visit your organization weekly just to come and access situation of things and effect any appropriate action

Click here to contact us today and and let us discuss the outsourcing of your Information Technology sector to us.

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